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About us

Trading emission allowances

Activion, which was founded in 2001 and operates under the regulation of MiFID II, primarily specializes in trading carbon emissions. 

Our main objective is to assist our business partners in reaching their environmental targets by offering carbon emissions and carbon credits at highly competitive prices.

We customize trading solutions that are tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Our ultimate goal is to support the achievement of a net-zero carbon emissions state by 2050 by providing our business partners with competitive environmental products.

About the founder and director Matej Pestotnik



After obtaining Master degree in business administration with a specialization in Finance and Portfolio investments, he began his professional career as a business partner with Slovenia’s largest operator of electric power transmission network. During his career he has been working on several solar and electric energy projects which contributed to overall reductions in CO2 emissions. He has been engaged in trading commodities and stocks for many years. Since company’s inception in 2001 he has been a procurator and later managing director.

Director of Activion d.o.o.
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