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Buy or sell your

emission allowances EU ETS or

carbon credits 

We provide trading solutions to achieve your regulatory compliance faster and offset emissions easier.

Our Services


Established in 2001, regulated under MiFID II.


We buy and sell

EUAs and EUAAs

Trading chart

We buy na sell


Carbon trading chart
Solar Panels

Our approach


Activion d.o.o. provides most competitive prices on the market for emission allowances and carbon credits.


We offer fast, inex­pen­sive and safe way to acquire emission allowances traded at European Energy Exchange AG (EEX).

Through our services of buying and selling environmental products we delivered our business partners most efficient way to become compliant with EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) or offset generated emissions.


We empower individuals, private and public companies to switch to decarbonization at best pricing possible. By utilizing most cost-effective trading solutions we aim to achieve worldwide goal of becoming net zero.

Every emission allowance and carbon credit counts.

Accelerate your environmental transformation now.

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In collaboration with commodity exchanges:
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